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Firewall is the first line of defense in preventing any cyber attack.  From an attacker's perspective, this is the first target that needs to be taken down in order to propagate into the internal network.

  1. A firewall is either a software or a hardware component that inspects the incoming and outgoing traffic o
  2. n a network.
  3. Firewall is regulated by a set of predefined/ custom rules, policies, ACL’s to restrict any connection of unknow
  4. n or unwanted origin.
  5. Our team of cybersecurity professionals perform the penetration test of a firewall which include the below provided checks:
  6. Location of Firewall in Network Conducting Traceroute from eternal entity Port Scanning Running Services Banner Grabbing Access Control Enumeration Testing Firewall policies Firewalking Port Redirection Internal and Eternal Testing Testing for covert channels Tunneling Identify firewall specific vulnerabilities Our team utilizes advanced techniques and tools for performing the audit. Upon task completion, a detailed report with the test methods and found vulnerabilities are shared.